Love is Lonely

Times Essence

Times Essence
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What day will we die?
Who really can know?
So, while we’re still living,
Let’s give it a go!
Go talk to your neighbor,
stop by, see a friend.
Take time for your family,
That rift you can mend.
I speak from experience,
if you’ve read what’s above.
I know see how time
connects with love.
See, I had a buddy,
a good friend of mine.
He said, “Let’s get together!”
I said, “That would be fine!
Yes, we must get together,
In a few days or so.”
Well, a few days went by,
but I didn’t go.
And now it’s too late,
I realize.
A few days ago, my good friend died.
You see, I’ve learned from this segment
of life I’ve gone thru.
I trust that this knowledge
has been passed on to you.
What day will we die?
Who really can say?
We may have a century,
or perhaps just a day.
Our time has a value,
too precious to lose.
How will we use it?
This we must choose.