Times Essence

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What day will we die?
Who really can know?
So, while we’re still living,
Let’s give it a go!
Go talk to your neighbor,
stop by, see a friend.
Take time for your family,
That rift you can mend.
I speak from experience,
if you’ve read what’s above.
I know see how time
connects with love.
See, I had a buddy,
a good friend of mine.
He said, “Let’s get together!”
I said, “That would be fine!
Yes, we must get together,
In a few days or so.”
Well, a few days went by,
but I didn’t go.
And now it’s too late,
I realize.
A few days ago, my good friend died.
You see, I’ve learned from this segment
of life I’ve gone thru.
I trust that this knowledge
has been passed on to you.
What day will we die?
Who really can say?
We may have a century,
or perhaps just a day.
Our time has a value,
too precious to lose.
How will we use it?
This we must choose.

3 thoughts on “Times Essence”

  1. This is a good poem and very inspiring what you say here is very true always be positive loving and caring make good use of your time and always be reddy for the time you will pass on to God

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