See you next week

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Hurt, pain, disappointment and grief.
One family reunion I often have to meet.
We sit and chat, stare and loath
all of this happened when I lost control.
Love is gone has passed my way.
Looking back from the past I wish the future would stay.
Misery and loneliness cousins of despair.
Around this table we meet again and share.
They know me and I know them.
We converse awhile as the voice within.
Awakens my spirit to what can be.
I finally stant this meeting I must flee.
See you next week.
Same time same coffee house.
This time bring a friend.

One thought on “See you next week”

  1. Sweet poem for our near and dear ones … our cousins who are no less then great friends … with whom we share, we care, and be with them in any situation … You’re lucky to meet them next week … people like me need to wait for months for this beautiful day to arrive since we stay far … and at each meeting we make sure to make the best use of it … thanks for sharing this for one of the sweet relations … our cousins :)

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