I miss you I will find you

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I cannot believe that your really gone
I want this just to be a terrible dream
don’t wake me up
cuz in my mind your still here with me
I will find you bring you back
I cannot believe how much I miss you
I toke advantage of you
now I know
you don’t know what you have until its gone
I need you here with me
you were the only one
who knows what I was saying before I said it
if anyone has ever loved someones and lost them
he knows what I mean
I miss you so much
now every thought of you and me gives me nightmares
I hope you can hear this
hear me cry as I die
I keep believing I will find you
I tried to find you when you first left
but all I found was
broken promises you never kept and lies you always told
I cannot see how god could do this to me
I miss you I will find you

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