Suicide note

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So close but so far away
Never wanted this anyway
If yesterday brings a better tomorrow
Im never gonna see today

My heart is broken
My scars split open
So this knife will be my god
And take me from this world

Take me from this world
Take me from this pain
Take me by the hand
Make it go away

Im leaving home
And if I never return
You don’t have to remember me

30 thoughts on “Suicide note”

  1. Wow. That is a really sad poem. My mom has tryed to kill herself before because of everything going on. I used to cut my self and i have scars that are so deep that its impossible not to see. I felt like it took away my pain. Im done with all that though im four months pregnant and it has changed my life to nothing but great and im engaged.

  2. wow this was great you have the words comeing out as the hurt and you wright them down thats how i do it when I am hurting I wright my hurt out good work

  3. your poem is soo true. i often feel that way and occasionaly go further but then i realise i don't want it i can still hope for a better tommorrow

  4. get over it, in a while its not like your gunna be sad anymore, you think you will be, but you wont, and if you don’t believe me, then just wait itout, so get over yourself

  5. Hey courtney, your poem is really true, and something i can really relate to, and something to *Issac* that wrote the RUDE comment, obviously youve never felt that way before, and you don’t need to comment on peoples poems/quotes if you don’t have something positive to say about it, so get over YOUR self!! Anyways Courtney that’s a reallyyy good poem, It really has meaning that people can relate to and I'm sure it effected many, as it did for me!

  6. Hey Courtney..i really love your peoms its really true about that..this life sucks…but i tried to commit suicide..and my boyfriend dumped me for it..and i stopped because i love him yeah i love your peoms..

  7. Hey Courtney.I really like your poem..its very insightful.It makes me feel happy to know that there are other people who feel the same way i do.keep up the good work:)

  8. girl,your poem was good.At one time I did feel like
    doing that.Cause, my mom had left me and don’t
    want anything to do with me.But know I thought
    that wasnt something to do.girl you still have
    a life ahead of you.

  9. omg! i love this poem I’ve been looking ofr one like this…this is exactly how i feel all the time..thank you for such a great poem!

  10. this is a serious pooem and i know where you r coming from.I’ve been there only 4 times in my life and the all ended me up in a padded room

  11. i really enjoyed your poem…..i've been there many times in my life but i've now gotten over it and will help whoever needs it :)

  12. hey your poem was great so many people can
    relate to this. I know i can. I’ve done some
    things myself but my mansaid if i didn’t stop he
    would leave me and i couldnt live with that. so
    thank you for that wounderful peom!!1

  13. there are times when I wish to die, but I'm too much of a coward to do it myself. that happens alot. so I wait for sweet death.

  14. Yeah life does get you down (ALOT) but if you tell sum1 it will help. Because if you get it out of your system it's no longer eating you on the inside. no life deserves to end like that

  15. Hey, that was a really great poem….i've been there
    too, i've gone through the whole cutting thing, and
    when i got used to the pain of hurting my self that way
    i tried to take my own life little, i did everything locked my
    self in a room got the knife, but then my cell phone rang,
    i'd left it in the bath the night befor and i was my best friend
    on the phone she saved my life i completely broke down
    crying, that was 2 years ago… i mostly write poems like
    yours try to express myself and its a great way to release some
    of that locked up pain, less destructive but keep up the good work,
    and things will strart to clear……

  16. your poem is really understanding my sister commited suicide last year so yea i hurts your family really it does and you don’t kno what you have till its gone.. so plz try to work this out…

  17. this poems…is wonderfully written i must commend but i guess its how you feel. I too have had to fight with those thoughts going thru my mind but then i realize that Im not God…hough you maybe gone……u'll still be living the relity of hell…don’t do it my friend jus tus God let him handle it that’s what i tried..he's tha only remidi!!!love

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