But insidely I’m crying

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I laugh, joke and look as if Im having fun,
But inside Im crying.

I smile, chat and act crazy,
But inside Im crying.

I talk to you as if there is nothing wrong,
But inside Im crying.

I see you almost everyday but you have no idea how I feel,
And inside Im crying.

I don’t show how unhappy I feel,
And inside Im crying.

If a gang of lads were attacking me with bats,
You wouldn’t try to help,
You wouldn’t try to take care of me,
And you wouldn’t even care.

If a car hit me one day you wouldn’t be concerned.

If I died tomorrow you wouldn’t be crying,
You wouldn’t come to my funeral,
You wouldn’t at all dare.

If I committed suicide next week,
You probably wouldn’t even notice.
Even if I was on the front of a newspaper,
Splattered on the floor,
You wouldn’t flinch an eyelid
And Im sure you wouldn’t miss me at all.

If I was dead,
You might realise that you miss me.

27 thoughts on “But insidely I’m crying”

  1. I know where your coming from i feel exactly the way you do it's like you act normal in front of everyone but your hurt inside and nobody sees that well take care and if someones really your friend they will know your crying inside and try 2 hurt u

  2. I like this poem….I can relate completely.
    Though no one understands how I can look completely
    joyous and still feel miserable. I thought I was
    the only one like that.

  3. This quote is great you r helping so many people express what they cannot say and this is exactly how i feel. people always feel like they r the only ones but your helping them to know that there are other people out there. i feel like im dying inside but at least other people know it other than just me.

  4. I can relate to this poem alot. I recently lost a friend
    of two years and now nobody cares and I don't have
    a best friend that’s exactly like her and nobody cares
    anymore about how I feel about her.

  5. It really true want you are talking about.
    I think is about me cause im always like this just crying inside of me but in front of ppl seems like i`m happy.
    Thank you for your comment it make me feel like i`m not the only one.

  6. this is so me! its so sad but that’s how i feel….. nobody knows that I’ve cried at night! i'm glad you write this poem but Im sorry at whateva happened 2 make you write this!

  7. I feel like that a lot lately…hope you start to feel better about yourself…suicide isn't the answer, it's just an easy way out.

  8. I can kinda relate to your poem.I ALWAYS want to
    your poem.I just want to burst into tears everyday
    but,I hold it in.Your gonna get through it.

  9. i love this poem, i think its fantastic. everyones commenting on looking fine, but hurting inside but i take this poem differently.
    to me, or how i relate to this, the writer is one moment ecstatically happy around friends and family, but they get mood swings where they suddenly get depressed and no-one knows they get like this.
    I’ve this problem, and i also resort to self harm and everyone assumes its a cry for attention, no-one knows what people can get like. x

  10. this poem affected me in a way that perhaps it doesn't affect everyone else. To me its love that’s hidden and needs something drastic to unearth it, but is it really worth it for that love to show through? I don't know if that's how it was meant to be.

  11. you Chris… i know it can be so hard @ times
    i have scars on my face, arms and legs
    but please don’t kill yourself
    give yourself a chance
    life can be a living hell
    it can drag you down farther than you already fell
    but the only way to see a rainbow
    is to go thru the rain
    the onlyway to find the light
    is to get lost in the dark
    and pray that som1 will show u the way
    wen one door closes
    another alwayz opens
    it may take sum time…
    just don’t get too caught up in the one that closed
    to find the one that has opened
    just give yourself a fighting chance
    cuz even tho i have no clu who you are
    if you died
    i would cry
    it would be davastated to know
    that another eternitys been wasted
    been lost and not found
    and given up their last chance
    there is so much hate and misery out there
    to get caught up in
    but theres also so much beauty and love
    its just a little harder to find
    but when you find it
    you’ll find so many different reasons to cry
    plz don’t die
    not yet
    u stil have time

  12. it's really good to read a poem like this because many times a person feels the same way and now it's good to know that Im not the only person

  13. Hey I love your poem. I was wondering if you could teach me something about how to
    write poetry because I really like but I try to write and I can't
    and it would be awesome if I could
    I really enjoy it

    thank you a lot in advance

  14. I can relate to that completely. Like you said though, no one knows how I really feel and when I try to tell them they don't care enough to listen.

  15. why do i cry when someone i love is gone then the next thing what happend is that person moves away what do you do but then you move to be closer to that person

  16. I really appreciate you 4 writing this poem
    its puts all of those fake imitating out
    there who CALLS themselves your FRIEND…B-S.

  17. every day you smile, laugh and joke around. but you die alittle on the inside for every smile you crack, fake laugh you utter. I feel like this, I'm too much of a coward to kill myself. so I've just died inside completely, and live in my dreams most of the time. I'ts nicer there.

  18. I must say, that your poem has really touched me personally.
    The reason being is because I have felt the same way so many times before, and I wanted you to know that you did an excellent job on writing your poem!!
    I really hope to see more of your work soon;)
    Take care

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