Hey Girl

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Hey girl! why don’t you observe my love?
wherever I go I see you in front of me

you set my heart on fire
believe me I’m not a liar

the minute you’re thinking of me
I will be there for you

I can be your crying soldier
you can cry on my shoulder

I can be your soul protector
I will die preventing anythng from harming you

you’re the greatest thing
that could happen in a lifetime
love is something nobody can control,
and like you always sweet

wherever you are or whatever you do
you’ll be a person who touches my life forever

if you look in my eyes
you’ll find them calling for you
if you listen to my heart
you’ll hear it saying “I LOVE YOU”

3 thoughts on “Hey Girl”

  1. These lines are so beautifully jotted down… I am pretty sure any girl would fall for these wonderful lines. I will surely try out sometime ;) . It is an expressive way to tell someone how much we love them… I hope she recognizes your love soon. Well written and thanks for sharing and am sure whoever reads this gonna try out these poem to impress someone ;)

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