Love is Lonely

Goodbye "love"

Goodbye "love"
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Sitting inside my room thinking of you
tossing and turning, don’t know what to do
how could i miss you, someone i hardly know
this feeling’s so weird, but it’s starting to grow

i know for sure Im in control
but when i think of you, i start to fall
i know i should stop, but i don’t know how
so Im writing this poem to release it all somehow

love is a game, a game i could never win
it cuts like a knife, it pricks like a pin
i know if i’d love you, i’d soon feel the pain
you’re so far away and I will be waiting in vain

i started this poem feeling so blue
Im ending it now with words that’s so true
goodbye “love” maybe I will see you someday
‘coz if we’re meant to be “love will find a way”