I love love!

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Love is so great!

Whether you find new love

Or ignite an old flame.

Love is wonderful!

The sparkly feeling in your chest that feels like a butterfly

is stuck in your heart!

I love love!

It breaks open into your life!

Once you’ve felt love,

You’ll do anything,

Go anywhere,

Be anyone,

To get it back.

4 thoughts on “I love love!”

    1. soooooooooooooo trueeeeeeeeee. :) being in love is like being stuck in a dream that goes on and on and on :) :) :) hopefully it doesnt become a nightmare or that it never ends

  1. so true but being in love and love is kind of diffrent.and to keep that flame burning is hard and needs work all the time.love is great life is great if we take the right approuch.

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