A Grain, A Drop

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I’m hiding beneath your fingernail
I’m just another grain of sand
Let me join the countless others
And please, rinse your hand

I share a goodbye
With a friend whose fate I see in me
He’s a drop of rain already falling
And will shortly join the sea

7 thoughts on “A Grain, A Drop”

  1. Really nice. Not many people get the meaning of being in another person or things place and speaking through poetry of their feelings, but I know exactly how its.

  2. i love sad poems and I like yours
    do you think you can make
    one of me and my man salud
    if you can please mail me thank you

  3. Jones, I would like to first say your poems shows
    shows good expression on your topic. yet the
    understanding of what your really tring to express
    is not put in a more understanding way. we want
    to feel what your tring to say.

  4. your poem is really ( 100x) nice and always rhymes
    but can you make a poem for a two friend that will
    already be part to one another when at this time
    they are already both angry to each other but
    before they are best friends? please….

  5. I had just lost a close friend of mine, he commited suicide.
    And the last two verses made me realise, that he is
    still around me.
    Even though I can't see him.
    To the author of this poem.
    thank you.

  6. you have strong feelings and i think its good you keep it open in to poems so you should keep it up cuz i love reading them thank you and Im a poem writer my self and you inspire me to write more and more
    good luck in lfe goodbye *

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