Everything good goes away in the end

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How can you know so much about me
and not bat an eye, but want to know more?
You know when Im mad and say all the right things
We fit so well together, but I dont wanna do this.
You dont wanna know how I feel
It would eat you up inside, tearing your soul from your body
Devouring it whole.
You know so much, but theres still so much more
Stick around, and maybe you will learn something
You’re gonna get tired of me soon
everyone always does.
Its such a disappointment that everything good
goes away in the end

3 thoughts on “Everything good goes away in the end”

  1. Everything good goes away in the end; everything bad goes away in the end too. Life repeats this. Your writing is fine and delicate. Keep the good memories and learn to forget anything bad when it goes away in the end.

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