I know you love me too

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Some days go by so fast but the days with you I want to last.
My heart feels for you what I won’t let my mind do
Anything and Everything in its own time.
You’ve made me happy and sometimes sad
but always glad I will be if you were with me.
My emotions for you run so deep a bottom less ocean I shall be.
In my heart and deep down I know I know you Love me too.
But right now all I wanna do is to be with you.

4 thoughts on “I know you love me too”

  1. Very sweet poem and our life becomes more sweeter when we get a person with whom we always wanted to be and I am glad you’re blessed with such a person …It’s such a great feeling that can only be felt and cannot be expressed in simple words :) … Hope your love gets more stronger … thanks a lot for sharing such a lovely poem … waiting to see more such poems :)

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