I call my thoughts

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The door is always open and unlocked
this is where I will spend most of my time now
I know….Im alone here, but it’s getting a little crowded
And I know…. you wanted to take everything with you
but memory still speaks your name

So sneak into this room I call my thoughts
tear down these black curtains
Let me stare into the sun, I’ve forgotten how it feels
break open these frozen windows
Let me stare into your eyes, I’ve forgotten how it feels

Im trapped between four corners too familiar
and a ceiling much too low
You said you wouldn’t help me tear down these walls
but ripping away these posters of regret
is the least you could do

For now I will lay in this empty bed
and hide under these sheets once again
waiting while I fade away once more
this blanket still smells of you
I don’t want this again

I give this to you
through this pen and to a heart you call your own
A letter…
A dilemma…
A poem…
A notice that I’ve given up.

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