A heart that’s pure

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Just between friends this I must say
I never looked his way today
I never wish to ever more
I don’t know now what wishing’s for
but just between friends I could never tell you
ah! the splendor I have found
treasure of exquisite measure waiting yet to be explored
there’s no boundary to searching
when the longing has expired, not because I let die embers
only for the sake of wars
for I discharged the charging warriors who were lashing at my soul
and I found the joy of heaven slumbers not in charmers’ throes
in the parlour of the broken
chandelier of my soul
now I know the joy of sharing love
is but to children known
known to those who are innocent, known to those who have no goal
but to love you as they have you, simply free to come as go
in the eyes of such a young boy
and in his endearing hold
he expressed my heart’s desire and as simply let life flow on beyond my dreary knoll
of this one I never weary
reminiscing ne’er grows old
and his virtue never tarnished
is preserved in childhood gold

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