My turn to say goodbye..

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Detached and hopeless lying on the ground,
no one seems to care so I don’t make a sound.
Silently crying the world turns away,
I called for help but my soul died today.
I walk through the halls crying and wishing for love,
I opened my arms and I was turned away,
I don’t understand why people are this way,
The world is so ruthless, so cold, so unfeeling,
I tried to stop but it all seemed so unbearable.
So I turned my back and the world turned theirs,
I sit and cry and no matter how hard I seem to try,
All I really want to do is to die.
Now is my turn to say goodbye..

19 thoughts on “My turn to say goodbye..”

  1. This is exactly how i feel. the love of mmy life is leaving for the uk and il never see him again…… i donng to miss him so much but itheres nothing more i can do!

  2. You r really good on this, very true and so touching and great poem…
    on of the best, hide a sorrow and pain, i adore it… all the way… very good…

  3. I Must Agree I’ve Read a lot of poems and this is one of the best poems I’ve read. sad. but really nice.. hope everything is better.

  4. i like your poemin but i hope your nexts poem is gone
    happy so somethin so people some people
    might do it i no i m8t who wants to kill herself
    i just hope she never sees this poem coz i will be
    over upset coz she wants to kill herself
    but think they'll will see this they will think your mad
    sry about this but I will say to
    this is I would be allowed to rated this 1 to 100
    I would rated a 2

  5. very deep,calm,mysterious…you know..i guess we we're breathing in d same world..a world full of loneliness,pain..:c
    do you feel lost too??like Im??coz dats wat i felt wen i first saw your poem..
    it was such a great poem…i can relate to it..
    keep it up!!!

  6. That was a really pretty poem sometimes I feel like
    someday I will have to say goodbye to my best friend
    her name is Brittany Gotte she is my best friend I hope
    I will never have to say goodbye but if I ever do I
    am so using that poem to do it.

  7. I love this poem.
    My life feels exactly like it.
    I printed it and I hung it up on the wall along with my Wicked posters.
    My friend Carie(not real name) is moving and when I read this poem I
    just began to cry silent tears and no one could hear me when I did.
    thank you fo rposting that poem on the web for some many
    thousands of people like me could read it.

    Abby(not real name)

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