The day has gone dark

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The day has gone dark and cold
things gone wrong and out of control
what was said had to be said
there’s no point in crying to bed
I wish there was another way
but too bad it has to be someday
im just glad time is on my side
these feelings and emotions will soon die

12 thoughts on “The day has gone dark”

  1. i really like your poem i. It was really awsome
    it reminds me of something that i would write
    or something that goes in my life a life
    thank you
    brittany age:13

  2. I rly felt this poem….it rly touched me…i feel as if my life is like this…well i rly rly rly loveed this poem….i rite poems to…on depression…but im not that good as others and u…well keep writing…can you write a poem to me…and dedicate it to me…PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!well toodles…don’t stop writing


  3. i rly rly rly liked your poem…i wanted to cry…well your poem rocks and if i could hand out the best poemist award it would go to u…well plz write a poem to me and dedicate it to me…


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