Taken For Granted

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Before I knew I loved him
before I even cared,
before I felt so lonely,
before he wasn’t there.
I took it all for granted,
the love he had for me,
I never knew I loved him,
until he seized to be.
My one, my love, my all,
no longer exists,
I lost him, this I know,
because it’s all my fault.
I made him feel like nothing,
I made him feel like shit,
but without him Im fading,
my own grave I have digged.
With his death my soul has parted,
no more reason to exist,
this heart is oh so broken,
no more happiness no more bliss.

10 thoughts on “Taken For Granted”

  1. Your poem could do without these lines
    will no longer exist.
    I lost him,he's no more,
    The only thing that's left,
    is his deteriorating soul.
    Poorly crafted.

  2. i love dis poem but i cannot help da fact that i think that im starting 2 fall in love again cannot hide dis feeling from no one the poem that you wrote is like the way i feel i hope dat im not digging to my own grave i know that i will never stop loving again.

  3. Many people experience this only after losing their loved ones … we never know how special they are until we lose them … you poem is actually a good message for people who take things for granted and then cry … people should realize and learn that if someone is ready to give their whole life to us … it doesn’t mean that we should take them for granted … Thanks a lot for sharing this message hope people will take good care of their loved ones … thanks again :)

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