It did to that one

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An adorable young boy went down to the sea
Just to set the jellyfish free
He watched as the tide came into shore
And there were hundreds of creatures maybe more
He picked them up and threw them out
He wasn’t wasting his time he had no doubt
The jellyfish would wither and die in the sun
And soon enough there would be none
The ocean was where they were meant to be
Set out free into the sea
Slowly the day started when out came the sun
And he continued his work until it was done
A pessimistic child came walking by
And asked the boy what he was doing and why
She explained to him “this will help them get of the shore”
“But there will always be plenty more”
He took a while to think this through
And looked at the beach there was still a few
He stared at the ocean and saw it so grand
Then he gazed at the jellyfish in his hand
“Don’t say it doesn’t make a difference,” he begun
Then he threw in the jellyfish, “it did to that one”

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