“Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”

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“Stars can’t shine without darkness.”
Then we wouldn’t see their light.
Without the presence of shadows,
they’d never shine so bright.

But, sometimes, the dark can be a scary place
when all you can see is pitch black.
Just remember the dark is a temporary state.
The light will always come back.

I have struggled to start writing poetry again ever since I got help for my depression. My depression was always my inspiration for my poetry. A friend of mine is a teacher and told me of a technique where you pick a favorite quote or song lyric and use that as the first line then build your poem off of that. And finally, months later, I picked up and a pen and began to write. It's short, but that's because I'm just getting started again and I didn't want it to turn into something I wasn't happy with. I am vey happy with how this turned out and I hope to keep writing more again.

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