Love is Lonely

How could you hurt someone you love

How could you hurt someone you love
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I just want this road to come to an end
No more turns, no more bends
this pain that I go through
the sh*t just cannot be true
how can someone go through so much
with everyone around just not giving a @$!?
they say they care
but no one is ever there
There when I need them most
to just have someone hold me close
you see my heart
it didn’t look like that in the start
It was so beautiful, so big
now look at it crumbled up like some twig
how could you hurt someone you love
but still put eveyone above
Put up there like I don’t matter
leaving my life to be shattered
My life, my mind, my soul so blurry
but you still ain’t worried
Are you supposed to be
or do you think just that little of
I want to be loved too
Can you promise your love to be forever true
No you cannot, can you
how about this…
Can you grant me my death wish
then you could be the one left to reminisce!!