My faithful mask

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Surrounded by unknowns,
They cannot see my face.
Beneath my covers,
I hide my inner secrets.
No one knows who I am,
I do not wish to reveal it.
The true self which lies within,
Can never face the world.
For I have so much to hide,
And so little trust in you.

17 thoughts on “My faithful mask”

  1. Hey i love your poem i can really relate to it
    most of my friends have no idea who Im
    and i've been friends with them forever
    it's hard but it's life huh well good job

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I wrote a poem that put across the same message. keep up your work. poetry is a great outlet for pain.

  3. i guess Im not alone in this world. its such a miserable place out there. anyways i am glad am not alone in this world even though at times it feels like it.

  4. I feel exactly the same way.
    God no one knows how i feel.
    I want to tell them, sometimes I even try to tell them, but then i end up never actuall doing it.
    They wouldn’t understand
    Even if they tried
    Keep up the good work
    that’s an amazing poem

  5. i think this is an exellant poem! i can so relate 2 it! i hide my true feelings in order 2 help others. its starting 2 build up inside tho, but its gr8 to see im not the only one!

  6. Wow, I love your poem, it's so great to me, especially cause I feel the same way and can really relate to it…… GREAT JOB!!!

  7. you need to tell some one how you r feeling befor it makes you do something crazy and you need to trust some one cuzz erry one needs some one you don’t need to go through the world alone its crule and crazy and mean out there tell some one.

    love you homies that you don’t know

    kim and j.t

  8. Hey i loved your poem it really made me think everything in your poem is me and i would like to thank you for making me give some thought on that, keep up the good work.

  9. No one has no idea who Im and they think they do. Not even my couzin or boyfriend or mom or dad or brother or anyone else knows. Well i loved your peopm and hope you keep up the good work im looking forward to seeing more peopms from you. Youre friend Scarlett Rose Mullins

  10. your poem is great….i can relate to this in so many ways.i feel
    so alone all of the time.recenley I’ve lost someone very
    special to me and i feel like no-one understands
    or cares to understand me….or even who Im….
    i feel invisible sometimes…this poem is great…your an
    awesome writer!

  11. This was a great poem and even though i don't know you i feel like i relate to you more than some of the friends i've had for years. No one knows and understands what it's like to hide your true feelings for the people you love and from the world in general. This was an excellent poem and i hope that you know that u're not alone!

  12. Hey, nyc poem! talking to people can help alot, there
    must be that one person in this world thet you can trust
    if not theres always that one person who dying to earn
    your trust, go out and look for them, there us always some1
    that will be willing to help and as someone cannot
    travel the world on your own, if it gets to much,don’t hesitate to turn
    to god!

  13. don’t feel bad because you have secrets and sometines cannot be yourself or tell your close friends all your secrets. Everyone has secrets if they are bad and your trullysorryno one needs to know. God knows and that’s good enough

  14. I Have to say that I LOVE your poem!! I too can relate to your feelings of distrust when it comes to others. You have a unique style & Talent for writing poetry, and I really hope you post more soon:) Thank you so much for sharing!!

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