Love is Lonely

So sad

So sad
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When will it end
Will I ever stop crying
Tears come like a flood
that’s never going to dry up.
The rooms empty, all except for me.
Will I ever know why I fall asleep crying at night.
Just the feeling of being alone
makes me shudder.
A constant war going on in my body,
everyday, every second.
When will it end.
Feelings take over my body
like I have no control.
First Im happy, then Im sad,
then all of a sudden Im crying.
It’s pretty sad that the parents you live with,
talk about you behind your back.
For me it feels like when you lie down on those rafts in the water
and you drift away. But for me, don’t come back.
I just keep drifting into space.
I don’t mean to sound desperate,
but will someone please tell me
when my tears will dry.
When will it end