So sad

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When will it end
Will I ever stop crying
Tears come like a flood
that’s never going to dry up.
The rooms empty, all except for me.
Will I ever know why I fall asleep crying at night.
Just the feeling of being alone
makes me shudder.
A constant war going on in my body,
everyday, every second.
When will it end.
Feelings take over my body
like I have no control.
First Im happy, then Im sad,
then all of a sudden Im crying.
It’s pretty sad that the parents you live with,
talk about you behind your back.
For me it feels like when you lie down on those rafts in the water
and you drift away. But for me, don’t come back.
I just keep drifting into space.
I don’t mean to sound desperate,
but will someone please tell me
when my tears will dry.
When will it end

22 thoughts on “So sad”

  1. I know how you feel, sometimes you just feel hopeless and you give up, nothing seems the way it's suppouse to be questions in your mind of why do i feel this way, what is making me cry but that’s the whole part of life which really sucks …your poem is really good

  2. I see what you r goin though and I’ve been tryin 2 figure it out 2 but life does not always go the way you wish it would. I was talkin 2 my mom about it and all she said is that you will soon find out y you r cryin at night all the time it will come 2 you 1 day and just think is there any drama that you wish would go away or is there and ex-boyfriend that you still love and don’t want to let go. or mabey you just want to find sum1 2 talk to and find that special sum1. look life is really hard but it will get better you just have 2 live life 1 day at a time and think positive and not think negative it will help and talk to friends about it friends always help that’s 1 reason y they r here 2 support you and make you feel better if you ever have any questions Im here and you can e-mail me iight. Peace. Hope that you find out 1 day and I hope that I helped a little

  3. I know how you feel… life beats you down… you just gonna keep getting back up and staying strong… its hard… but one day youll realize that your tired of being sad… i know how that’s…. but that’s a great poem. =)

  4. that’s hoe i fell i want 2 stop
    crying over my boyfriend and
    they don’t seem 2 stop so i fell the same
    well that’s all and that poem was GREAT GOOD JOB
    bye now

  5. i now how it feels trust me
    thank you to my man
    im steel here
    and his always gonna be there 4 me
    because he whants to marrie me
    and make are family but im steel
    young im only 17 and his 18 but i love him
    well got to go but e-mail me back

  6. Hay~
    i know EXACTLY how you feel…….I’ve life issues right now…….i really loved the poem..i write poems myself……everyone thinks im good but i don’t want to submit em to internet……anyways…..i know how you feel….u feel like nobody hears waht you have to say……nobody will listen……that’s how i feel at least….anyways…..I have to go!! hope things get better love Emma

  7. wonderfull poem i rly understand how did you do that you r amazing i rly want to express how i feel but i cannot!! coz you no loads has happned to me this past year 2005 and will my grandad hase a heart attack near the begging off the year and then he is better and now near the end he passes away:'( i always cry coz i miss him soo much and life is very hadr you jst don’t no wat to do sumtimes! you have an amazing poem xxx love dd xxx

  8. girl i no what your going i broke up with my boyfriend for reasons like that and now he hates me he says i'am bipolarbut now he hates me i hope you get through this SAFE AND WELL

  9. omggggg
    mann your poems bought tears to my eye because it reminds
    me of me i hope you wrote it because you felt it some of mine
    poems are like this well
    i just wanted to say that you have talent
    and i like this poem very much
    cha girl

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