Love is

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Love is kind
Love is pure
Love is to not hate
Love is to care
Love is to be unafraid
Love is to show compassion for
Love is a feeling you get when you talk to that person
Love is something that you cannot explain
Love is something that makes you happy

6 thoughts on “Love is”

  1. u look a hot mess but don’t try

    address and
    ring alarm cause your poem didn’t
    sience so lets give you a hint

  2. don’t hate on me im
    keeppin it
    real so you and your family
    can go
    2 brazil i hate the fact that
    your poem
    iz wack its like a wack pack
    that want to
    be black but let me go and
    leave you
    alone i
    give you my props cause i wuz wrong but
    time you write a poem make it ryhme
    yea all
    the song

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