Love is Lonely

When we lost you we all lost our cool

When we lost you we all lost our cool
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When you were on your death bed
we all thought you were gonna make it,
but as the days passed you seemed to worsen,
all we could do was watch you fail everyday,
cause there was nothing any of us could do,
when we lost you, we all lost our cool, and we started to cry.
The final day came on Saturday July 17, 2004,
we were all hoping for you to recover but that didn’t seem to be happening,
as you were lying on your death bed I felt sorry for you,
we still aint recovered yet, I know it takes time,
I miss all the good times we shared together,
you were well loved by family and friends,
I wish we could’ve shared one last night together,
you are my guardian angel now, Im glad of that cause you really didn’t leave this place,
Till the day we burried you, you were loved by family and friends,
and as our lives go on you will always be rememberd.
I Love You Aunt Lynn!!!!
In Memory Of Kathy Lynn Sabourin!!!!