I love you

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I only wanna be with you
you can make me feel good
you put a smile on my face
like no one else could
just looking at you makes me feel happy
and I just want you to know
that every time you walk by me
the skies sprinkle with gold
you’re some woman
you truly are
I can spot your beauty
when you’re o so far
I just wanna be with you
give me a chance
I wanna take you out
I wanna dance

7 thoughts on “I love you”

  1. I thought your poem was really sweet !!
    I hope the girl you love actually understands
    that you really do love her!!!

  2. Not many men are that open with their feelings
    and i hope the girl your talking about knows how
    lucky she would be to have u!!

  3. AWwwwwWWWw DaT WasZ So kUtE iM So LOvIng AnD I hOpE Da girl you R dEdiCaTiNg It 2 UnDerStAndsZ DaT you LoVe Her MoRe DeN wRdsZ CAn XpLAiN dEmSelVeSZ

  4. Awwww..i first I thought it was sweet ..but, to be honest with you..It wasn't..I just cannot feel what are you trying to say..if I were the girl that you trying to be with, i'l say ''I'm sorry…..”..before writing a poem, imagine first what the girl want from you..x.x

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