My poem of grief

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Seeing you lie there,
no movement, no life, no soul
broke my heart and
pushed me to the ground.
I began to cry and reached for love
but the one i loved had gone away
leaving me alone
to face the ever trying day
My head knew you were gone for ever,
but my heart held onto the hope you were just sleeping
for the all moments I saw you alive,
was a treasured moment worth keeping.
Now I need to let go for good,
but it is the hardest thing to do,
to let something go you love,
to have nothing there and nothing to do.
I had never loved something so dear
and for days i let my tears flow
until the realization hit me,
I had to let you go.

10 thoughts on “My poem of grief”

  1. Jessica,
    it takes a while to let go and you don’t have to let
    go right away!! it takes a while to let go so just
    give it time!

  2. Fabulous poem. When I read this, it brought back the memory of my darling daughter's violent death, and the way I had to let her go.
    I’ve been over her death for a number of years, but do get a little depressed on her birthday. This poem will help around that time of year.
    thank you for writing it.

  3. this deeply melancholic poem touched me so
    i woulda bawled if i wasnt so cold
    it reminds me of so many that hav com and gon
    i barely knew em but the sadnes grabd onto my heart strong
    i hope you will be consoled
    cuz in me thers a big hole

  4. i just wanted to say that this poem touched me. i just lost my boyfriend/ best friend a few days ago and needed to understand how others cope with their losses

  5. beautiful poem. its the hardest thing to let go when you have lost someone
    My best friend died over a year ago and I still have not let go. The tears they come so
    much easier than the laughs. good luck. Im sorry for your loss.

  6. i had recently lost a friend…well almost 3 months ago! and this poems means sumthing to me and i usderstand! even if its not about friends it about death and trying to deal w/ it and that’s sumthing that i had to figure out! so yea i jsut wanted to say that this is a good poem and GOOD JOB!

  7. hey

    omg this is such an amzing poem wen i read this it felt lyk i
    was gunna cry…this poem is realli deep && its beauty of
    the story is…its beautiful


  8. i like this poem cause I’ve been through this time and i liked it how the expresed them self through a poem. i did when i lost my love one.

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