Love is Lonely

I love him now I will love him forever

I love him now I will love him forever
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I had a special someone
who was always there for me.
he helped me out when i was sad
and made me happy and glee
but then one day
on the floor i lay
cause i found out he was gone
so there i cry
hoping i die
because i have nothing left to live for.
then out of the blue
came something new
a letter with my name on it
i read it once
i read it twice
because this letter i read made me feel nice.
it’s a letter from him
My boy Tim
telling me he’s ok
it says heaven is great
i just cannot wait
until you come and see it with me
but not too soon
not until my moon
has turned into the sun
I love him now
i’ll love him forever
and when i die
we’ll be together.