Last goodbyes

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I hate myself, I hate my life,
I wanna leave, I wanna die,
I cannot deal with all this pain
it’s the same thing day after day,
nothing changes it never will
the only way to stop this pain
is with the bullet that lays in my hand.
there’s another opinion I can take
I can call my best friend and hope she’s awake
I don’t know what to do I don’t know what to say,
I have to say my last goodbyes and hope that she doesn’t cry.

43 thoughts on “Last goodbyes”

  1. If you really feel this way I think you should talk to someone about it. I know what its like to want to hurt or harm yourself in a bad way. If you need to even chat with me email me!

  2. Im sorry you are feeling this way, but its just ridiculous. I’ve been through alot. my last boyfriend left me the day i misscarried after six months of pregnancy. yeah, i cried alot. but men can be real jerks and someday you will find a man who doesn't make you cry. hold out. do not let this man beat you.

  3. Do IT. be the lucky one escape before me. sure you will hurt others so you have to slowly detatch from them if you care. but why should you have to suffer for these people who will miss you . do it if you realy feel pain but i feel you should think about it first before you do it.

  4. hey idk if that’s true but you can IM me if its
    and make it better…sorry if it's true because life
    is the best thing yet!!

  5. Hello friend,
    I found your poetry poor but your sentiment was disturbing.
    I think that you should hold back from the suicide (honestly
    It won't make things better) I just want to tell you that life is
    pretty crappy at times but I promise you that you can work
    through ANYTHING and one day you WILL look back and
    think “life is great- I'm glad I stuck around” lots of people
    here have offered you a shoulder to cry on, take a chance
    and call someone…it might help. Be strong XXXXX

  6. I know your thoughts i feel your pain,
    but to kill yourself theres nothing to gain.
    Let him or her see your smile so bright,
    Even if you have to wear it with a fight.
    Don't cry over them for it's their loss,
    Just rid your life and become yur own boss.
    You are far to sweet and you have a big heart,
    And with them out of your life you can have a new start.

    that’s my words to whomever you are that wrote this poem i read because you just made me realize how special i truely am today!

  7. Sweetie i don’t know if you're male or female but hun theres not a soul in this world worth dieing for unless it's your kids!!!
    hugs to you hun an 1 word of advice ok…keep smileing and soon your heart will feel it too!
    E-mail me if you like ok

  8. Everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. Life
    can be so hard sometimes. It might seem like noone cares
    but they really do! I care and I hope that someday you'll figure
    everything out. But just no that there is a God, even thoungh a
    lot of people think that theres not. If you listen, you can hear him.
    He loves you so much and there is a reason that you are alive
    right now. There is a reason that you exist.

  9. Hey Sam
    My name is Megan Are you ok hope you are feeling ok. Did you talk to your mom or dad pro they can help you with the problem you are in don't be sad. hope you will be a new person

  10. This poem is really sad but well expressed.
    I used to feel the same way… still do sometimes.
    If you ever need to talk, know that there is someone
    out there who will always want to listen.
    If you want to e-mail me, feel free to do so.


  11. that was a very moving poem and i would like to say for the feelings i was havin before the poem that they were no where close to the feelings now that I’ve after it was moving and motivating thank you for sharing a part of your mind and soul because it has made me believe in my own self again and what i did was right

  12. hey you r crazy why r you so depressed life is life so deal wiht it the way its you'll die soon enough just get right with god befor you kill your self well no cuzz you'ss go to hell anyways juzz chill go to a place for crazy people ok if you need to talk E-mail me goodbye xoxo love you but not that way.

    love me ya homie that you don’t know!!

  13. Im sorry I Just didn't under Stand this poem
    why would sombody right somthing Like that.
    it made me sick to my stoumich it's like chicken.
    soup for a Teenage soul were a person does.
    Sueside.Is it true did this really happen to a
    person Im sorry this note must sound stupid.
    Sorry I wasted your Time but this poem makes.
    me sick to my Stounch again sorry
    my moms friend comitted sueicide
    it reaminds me of the good times we had together.
    any Way SORRY

  14. hey this is a very sad poem. I hope you are alright, and that you don’t really feel this way because whatever is wronge it will get better trust me. You can talk to me about whatever you need.hope you are feeling better with life

  15. i know how you feel like! really bad, huh? yeah
    that's how i feel right now. that nothing will change
    the life you're living right now that death will take
    everything you died for away and rest your soul in
    piece but i'm still alive and hanging in there. i'm
    standing on the edge of the cliff and am not ready
    to jump yet but i'm afraid that the next tear is heavy
    for me to loose my balance. well, i don’t know how
    else i would describe it but talk to me if you need to do so

  16. i like it, though too sad. i know your feelings but you have to think heartedly. think more goodness rather than pain. i hope i could help u. Anyway, God is still awake.

  17. The Lord does not make trash. You are
    no mistake. You are here for a purpose. All
    you have to do is call out his name. Please
    use your awsome ability to communicate
    your feelings in a positive way.
    Have a blessed day we will pray for you.

  18. I loved the way you said those things, because I
    feel the same way alot. When you try to change
    your feeling you should in more expression.

  19. I think your a complete and utter nob..why is it that when ever someone wants to kill them self they have to go ahead and announce it publicly knowing dam well that they will never actually get around to doing it?
    perhaps you should get over your self involvment and stop being such a pompous loser. OH,,,,,,, And im pretty sure even god wouldn’t help you.

  20. Hey your poem is so true because I've been through that but look at me I'm living the life even better. You'll find that person any time just waIT FOR THAT RIGHT ONE.

  21. hey this is really sad. do not let this man beat you! I’ve felt like that a time or two……believe me its not the road you want to take. there is always more fish in the sea.

  22. Hey i know how you feel i've been threw all this and sometimes I still want to kill myself but all I have to say find someone who understands your problems and if you don’t find any keep on writing this poem is very good
    Love always:Alyssa Kimball

  23. i like the poem i think it has a real message to it!>i hope that yer life isnt that bad cuz there are always ways to fix it!>i once felt like that but then i relized I have tons of people who cared about me and it just wouldn’t have been good! cuz im sure you can find a way to get betteR! ohk goodbye

  24. This poem is sad and I know what you going through because I felt the same way b4 but I put
    my life in god and he helped me carry on. Try to find out who
    yourself and try to find your path.

  25. I know just how you feel.
    But with time you will know that it could be worst.
    I used to fell that same way.
    There will be harder times.
    but don't give up just yet.
    U have a long life ahead of u.
    And good things will come with it.
    But you have to put lots of efforts.
    Forget about what happened, life goes on!!

  26. That poem,Last goodbye , was very poetic and deep.
    I only hope that you do not feel this way in real life.
    I rather you wrote this poem because someone close
    made a sucidel atempt,then you actually feeling this
    way. No matter what killing your self is never the answer
    to a problem. Though you might be living a horrible life, one day
    you will reflect back on your life and understand why you made a
    good choice staying alive. Once again that was a very poetic poem, you should write more,
    but make sure you actually don't feel like that in real life, because you really can
    scare someone.

  27. hi your poem is sad,well expressed and it has touched me.we all feel at one point or another in our life to go away from this world but how do we know if it will be better if we take our life\’ know the best thing is to hold on because you will make it.belief me things do get better and then you look back and think how dumb it was to even think of taking your has up\’s and down\’s it will always be this way…be strong

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