I still love you my first true love

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I will always be here,
Whether you need me or not.
And I want you to know,
That I still love you.
No one will ever replace you,
Because you’re special in my life.
You will always be my “NeNa”, my best friend,
My first true love!

17 thoughts on “I still love you my first true love”

  1. hey dang i really like to read your stuff this poem
    was really good i don’t think that I’ve ever read
    anything like this before and i really like it
    i hope that you can write me back and just keep in
    touch with me i cannot believe how good these poems
    are that you are writing. well i guess i just hope you
    write me back and keep in touch
    thank you soo much~amber~

  2. i think that this is n adorable poem! i hope you don’t
    mind that i used it! i think that its really cute! n that
    it could really mean sumthin 2 sumone.. i think it
    goes w/ sum things that have happened w/ me n
    this kid that i well.. jus got done w/! soo i hope you
    kno,, if i was n author! or sumone that rates you
    i would give you a 10! its grt! i think its adorable!
    n i didn’t say ne thing! on ne one elses! so i hope that
    makes you feel better!
    well im outtie! thank you! your poem was grt! mwah
    <33 angela

  3. Hey Noel you do so many good poems all like all da poems you have publish and the r all so good.I can't imagen how can a manwrite such beautiful poems.I just love your poems if you have somemore please send them to me ok.And almost all your poems go with my life.thank you that was such a beautiful poem hope you keep writting.Will I'm from Mexico.So keep writting those really good poems.

  4. Nena..who was that for : )…my homemancalls me that I haven’t heard or seen that word in a minute. Like your poem. Was it for someone or did you just write it???

  5. whaaaa!!! what a poem… i was a bit shock..hehehe you're really are in love with your girl…=) keep up the good work..hehehe

  6. la lng! hope you do understand wat im toking about! gara muo! mei talent dn akuo sa pgsulat ng poems.. sna trade tau mnsan! hehe.. hope you understand!

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