Love is Lonely

It hurts me to say what I’m about to say

It hurts me to say what I’m about to say
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I’ve been there for you through the good times and the bad,
And was there to wipe your tears away, whenever you were sad.
Always tried to make you happy, whenever you were mad,
And gave you everything you thought you’d never have.

All those magical nights that we kissed,
Those are the days I will always miss.
I loved every single one of those days,
And that’s why it hurts me to say what Im about to say.

I loved you unconditionally,
No matter what happened between you and me.
And I was blind, but now I see,
That you just wanted to be friends with me.

But I cannot just be your friend.
Because my broken heart will never mend.
You didn’t want to lose me,
but you lost me in the end.
Because I Love You too much,
to just be your friend.