It hurts me to say what I’m about to say

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I’ve been there for you through the good times and the bad,
And was there to wipe your tears away, whenever you were sad.
Always tried to make you happy, whenever you were mad,
And gave you everything you thought you’d never have.

All those magical nights that we kissed,
Those are the days I will always miss.
I loved every single one of those days,
And that’s why it hurts me to say what Im about to say.

I loved you unconditionally,
No matter what happened between you and me.
And I was blind, but now I see,
That you just wanted to be friends with me.

But I cannot just be your friend.
Because my broken heart will never mend.
You didn’t want to lose me,
but you lost me in the end.
Because I Love You too much,
to just be your friend.

16 thoughts on “It hurts me to say what I’m about to say”

  1. that’s a good poem…I’ve lost my first love so i know how it feels…thank you for letting me know that Im not the only one

  2. Hey! I loved this poem, its kinda like me. I think i love this man, but i don't know if he loves me.
    Well i can't help but think he might want to be just friends.
    Those are 6 of the most killer of words, for anyone, “i just want to be friends”.
    Well i loved the poem! it rocked my world!

  3. hey i just wanted to say that this is a verry good poem to sum 1 that has hurt you i love this poem and i will dedicate this to a man that hurt me soooo thank you!!!!

  4. Wow, that poem is closer to life than most I’ve read in the past, very deep, alot of emotion (sp?) and yet still conveys the story of what happens to every one of us at some point in our lives, great job :)

  5. omg this poem is the way that i feel ryte now hurt inside but thank you im thanking you soooooo now im gonna go!
    xoxo Jocelyn

  6. Fabulous Poem:
    I’ve Been There too!! Sounds like the relationship I once had.
    that’s what we readers what to expeience, as the writer wants us as readers to feel.
    Great Job !!!

  7. I like how you put alot of feeling inot it!
    Andsorryabout the girl!
    I know what your going thru and i would like to
    tell you eveything is gonna be okay but i
    donn't like lying to people!
    I know its gonna take sum time fo you to forget but
    shes not the only one out there!
    Yes i know they're different but move on!!
    I'm saying it in a nice way!

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