How Do You Fix a Life Gone So Badly Wrong

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I open my eyes
But it’s better they stay closed
For what misery today will bring
I just don’t know

Every day is like the one before
I find I’m more hurt and lost
Than ever before

I can’t remember a time
Where I was happy and smiling
It feels like forever
That inside I’ve been dying

It’s strange
But I’ve got used to it
Being this way
It’s part of my life now
Depressed everyday

I thrive on the sadness
That tears at my heart
I find some sort of comfort in it
This pain that rips me apart

I was once smiling
Once warm
And so care free
Now I look at myself
And say
“What has happened to me?”

What made me this way?
So cold and lost
Were the memories so bad
That I forced them to be forgot

How can I break free?
And leave this behind
I’m tired of being this way all the time

I just want to be held close
But I know I will push everyone away
I’m too scared to let anyone in
Because I know no one will stay

How do you fix a soul
Which has pieces long gone
How do you fix a life
That has gone so badly wrong

How do you save a guy
Who can’t save himself?
How can you hear him
When he silently cries for help?

How do you save me?
When I’ve fallen so far
How can you heal these wounds
Which have turned to scars?

This is who I am
Every day and every night
Sad isn’t it?

May God help me!

One thought on “How Do You Fix a Life Gone So Badly Wrong”

  1. This poem.. Touched me. Its beautiful, oh so beautiful..
    I love it..
    I think you’re very talented.


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