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Coldness surrounds my home…

Memories are swallowing me..!

Sun won’t shine this time..!!

Am trapped in long gone time..!!

Nobody hear these painful rhymes..!!

Songs of soulless life..!

Coldness surrounds my home…

Memories are swallowing me..

Struggling with what i have…

That i shouldn’t have…

am a loss…!

For a worthless cause..!!

You kept telling me…

Like an unending symphony…

Squeezing my body with agony…!

Wake me up..when its done..!

When its all dead and gone..!

When its done…

When its all dead and gone…!!

4 thoughts on “Coldness”

  1. We all come across pains and tears in our life … but it’s a well known fact that they all are part and parcel of our life rather than sitting with those pains why not just try to move on as we got just ONE life to live and why to waste it … Learn to live with the beautiful memories we once had try to cherish it and let go the bitter ones … It will do no good to us…

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