End of love

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I walked before he could walk from me,
I tried not to love, for fear he was pretending,
I tried not to care, while he moved on from girl to girl,
Tried not to fear the tear of my heart, while he flirted.

Well now my hearts broken,
And I’m left with the tears I cry,
I’m left alone, guess it was all my fault.
I shouldn’t have let you go,
and should have let you know..

That I’d do anything for you,
I’d set the world on fire, if you asked me too,
I’d spend a whole day, just dreaming of your face,
And I’d waste paper, just scribbling your name.

I know I messed up big this time around,
And I know, that you really don’t care about me, anymore,
I know you love flirting and one night stands,
but just hear me out baby, try to understand.
I miss you, I love you, I want you back,
Baby can’t you see all that?

Can’t you see that I’ve changed, from better to worse,
that I’ve gone down a road, I haven’t been before,
And that I’m scared, cause I don’t know what to do,
get drunk get high, cut the pain away,
it’s all I can do, anymore.. Baby I’m so scared..
I lost the only thing I cared about.

So when you hear this, know I did care,
that I was just so scared,
Im sorry for all I did wrong, Im sorry for all I didn’t love,
Im sorry for all I didn’t notice, your sweetness..
Baby I miss you every day, and every night..
I miss being able to talk to you, all the time,
but I miss how distant we’ve become.

So forgive me, for singing this song,
cause baby, I knew all along,
this love story, would come to an end,
The end just came sooner than I ever expected.

So with these last words, I end this song,
I end this wonderful love..
Now begins the heartbreak and sadness, lonely nights.
The End of everything, I ever wanted or had.
It’s the end now.

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