You're with her

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And for awhile, I was convinced,
that you loved me, no body else.
Now I’m hurting, and cry,
while you’re with her, tonight.

Oh, the tears keep falling, they never stop,
and you’re with her after the moon comes up,
and as I cry, holding my pillow tight,
I know you’re with her, tonight.

So I sing this song, on my broken guitar,
as I cry, and plead, baby come back to me,
I know you won’t be back, to say sorry,
I know you won’t be mine again,
because you never cared, didn’t love me.

Our precious love story, has come to an end,
You found someone else, to replace me in your heart,
while mine is broken and cracked,
while bleeds to our love song,
gone so wrong.

Oh baby, I’m not gonna beg, I’m not gonna plead,
cause I know you don’t love me anymore,
So tonight while you hold her,
I will be lonely, in the moonlight,
singing a song, while my heart slowly dies.

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