Blood stained heart

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My blood stained heart will always show
From so much hurt he did not know
They said love would make you cry
They didn’t warn me it made you wanna die

My blood stained heart everyone will see
What your love can truely be
And once you hear what’s to be said
Your eyes will soon be red

My blood stained heart is turning blue
Cause my heart is hurting through and through
I wish it didn’t hurt so bad
Cause all it does is make me sad

My blood stained heart will always remind me
Of the love which is now behind me
When we broke up all it caused was pain
And out of that pain was there anything to gain?

One thought on “Blood stained heart”

  1. You did a very good job writing this poem. You have a sense of style that is unique, I truly enjoyed reading your poem!!
    I hope that one day you will bring more of your poems to share with us:)

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