You did

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You did this to me
But that view is one you don’t see
You are blind to what has become
With each hit, you feel more numb

I take it on for both of us
With this cold I lose trust
You’ve done to me what’s been done to you
It is all your fault, you caused this shade of blue

I will hate you, I promise that
That is the pain we end at
My thoughts of you will end
My heart will begin to mend

I thought I knew you
I thought you were true
But now I know they were right
This is a battle I shouldn’t fight

I see myself down the road
Far away from this pain and cold
I live in sunshine and happiness
It’s there I find forgiveness

Go on to those you wanted more
There will come a time when you hit the floor
But I won’t be there
I won’t care

It is you who is alone
You have no place to call home
I took my heart back
Because of everything you seem to lack.

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