Left me alone

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I don’t understand,
I don’t know why,
why you did this to me,
why you wanted to die.
I can’t understand,
cuz it hurts like hell,
to think you felt so terrible,
and couldn’t even tell.
I won’t understand,
it was just so wrong,
you didn’t have to leave me,
as though you don’t belong.
now I feel so empty,
and everywhere I turn,
there’s always something missing,
for you I always yearn.
and it hurts me very much,
that you didn’t say goodbye,
just left one day without me,
left me all alone to cry.
I don’t understand,
why you felt things were that bad,
that you just gave up everything,
you ever knew or had.
Im sorry I didn’t know,
Im sorry I wasn’t there,
now I’m here all alone,
you left, it’s just not fair.
I can’t understand,
how could you die,
when I needed you so much,
in return, you left me to cry.
I will never understand,
why you took your life away,
I will never make it without you,
it will never be ok…………..

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