Your mind was elsewhere

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I looked into your eyes, you turned away.
I felt your hand, it was cold.

I tried to smile, you laughed.
I enjoyed your company, your mind was elsewhere.

I tried to hold you, you closed your arms.
I tried to impress you, you weren’t interested.

I close my eyes and see you, you see other men.
I liked talking about you, so did you.

I trust you, you ”need time”.
I like your faults, you remind me of mine.

I love you, your lust has diminished.
I gave you my heart, you took my soul.

3 thoughts on “Your mind was elsewhere”

  1. If the person is worth it there’s is no harm in waiting for long. But make sure in the mean time your friendship is not ruined. If one shows true affection and care. Anybody would understand pure love and it seems you love would be loyal for this person. Thanks for sharing it…

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