No one's there

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No one's there
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No one’s there for me when I’m down
No one’s there because they all left town
No one’s there to cheer me when I frown
And no one’s there to help me when I drown

I hate being lonely in a world so old
Because I have no one to hold
Because here is so cold
and here there is no gold

In this world I live in
Everything spins
There’s no way I can begin
And there’s no way I can win

I need help from someone I knew
Because I really don’t have a clue
I need help on how to
Escape this world I’m into

Help me escape this world that doesn’t exist
And please do help me resist
I am already dizzy in this fucking twist
And I already have a cut on my wrist

When everything turns the other way
And the clouds turns to gray
Help me to get away
Because I am very tired to play…

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