Forever and Always

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Just when I thought it was bad
It got worse
You made me believe again

I hurt you in a way unforgivable
But somehow you made me pay for it
With hurt
With misery
So much that when food touches my lips
It sends message to my mind to refuse it

I pushed you away
It was all my fault
But to give me hope again
It’s unfair

You gave me hope
When I needed to be mad
And now I’ve made a decision
That I was supposed to make
But now I don’t want to
Because it means you’re out of my life
Which I never wanted you to be
But it hurts so much
I can’t look into your eyes
Without seeing her

This is wrong

I wish I was mad
Cause when I was
It made it easy
Easy To forget
Easy To move on
Easy To realise I have other things to look forward to
But now I can’t turn away
Because I want to see your eyes again
I want to wake up next to you
I want your stupid jokes and laughs in my life
I can’t turn back and regret

Everyone says I can do better
But they have no idea how madly in love I am
You have so many faults
And were so opposite
And I can’t believe that I feel this way about you
I never saw this coming

But now I had you in my life
You’re everything
Everything I could ever dream of
Everything I could ever hoped for
I need you again
Forever and always.

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