Mere words cannot describe the love

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I searched among the card displays,
To see if I could find,
A little something that would say
Just what was on my mind.

However there was not a one,
That captured it just right,
For no one else can understand
Just what I’d like to write.

I even find it difficult
To try to write it down,
For how do I portray to you,
The love that I have known?

I close my eyes and what I see,
Is someone I adore,
A person who is beautiful,
Right down into their soul.

Mere words cannot describe
The many qualities you show,
The love and caring nature that
You share with those you know.

2 thoughts on “Mere words cannot describe the love”

  1. Hey my name is Heather and i just have to say that this poem is really good i mean i right poems from the heart and i just really like this one tho i think its really nice

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