That Magical Day

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As I wander the lonely streets
that were once an animate space.
I stop and wonder, think about when I met her in this place.
Our parting words on that fair day were soft, sweet and slow.
The future never concerned me before, but then I had to know.
The families who lived here, they don’t anymore.
The children who played, had grown up years before.
The music that played, now just a tune in my head.
The bright warm sun has years ago left.
I think about that magical day and how it changed me life.
I remeber it so clearly, because the woman is now my wife.

3 thoughts on “That Magical Day”

  1. What a lovely poem:) You should think about writing more, because I can see that you put a lot of feeling into your poems, and thats a Great thing!! I hope that you will continue writing, and sharing as well:)

  2. I wish even I could say the same thing as you said in your last lines :) … It was amazing especially the climax part for obvious reasons ;) … I still remember the day when I first met my love… even now when I think about that day… it’s make me feel so good :) thanks for taking me to those beautiful days ;) keep up the good work!

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