The Strings

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The strings you can’t see
I wear them, I feel them.
Tightening. Tighter.

The self inflicted wounds.
You can’t see.
Cut. Cut. Cut.
The cuts you could never see.
The pain that will never heal.

The laughter is gone.
The world I know upside down.
The strings.. The strings…
I feel them, yet you don’t see.
Tighter. Tighter. Tighter.

I am forever this puppet.
Doing as said.
No matter how much free will I have.
I am forever this puppet.

4 thoughts on “The Strings”

  1. this is soo true. i wrote a poem just like this once. except i think yours is way better. i know how you feel. you’ll get through this.. promise

  2. So much emotions attached with these lines I can completely feel it … it was really heartwarming … I need to tell this Life is short try to make most of it to be precise try to make utilize it in a best possible way and I sincerely wish things to get better soon … and I hope you would share more of your work in coming days …

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