When I’m online your words are always there

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I type my love for you On the computer screen
Never will you truly know Just how much you mean
Some may say it’s crazy But I don’t really care
They could never understand all that we have shared
All the nights you’ve spent with me Felt like you were here
Always with an open heart And an open ear
I never had to wonder If you truly care
Because when I turn on my computer your words are always there .

4 thoughts on “When I’m online your words are always there”

  1. Hey i know exactly how you feel, i feel the same way about someone and it feels great to have that person there even though you cannot actually see them, it feels like they're right there next to you, holding your hand the whole way.

  2. right after you recieve it please send back to me!

    anyways as you know my name is kateesha smith but you can call me kawesa if you want and i can call you what ever you want me to.
    i Im a very quiet and popular gir i live in my own world i ask several questions but don’t take it that bad i wonder how old you are and your personalilty wait don’t answer that i can tell by your poems you are a very kind lady and i like the home page of your website and i hope you writ back to me thank you and just to let you know i go spice valley middle school in bermuda

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