Unforgotten Memories

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As I sit here all alone.
Trying to reminisce days that passed.
Joyful memories engraved in our hearts.
Hurt and sadness that crossed our path.
Somehow it seems like a fantasy.
Fairy tales from a child’s memory.
That all ends happily ever after.
Dreams I encounter whenever I am asleep…
All seem like real to me.
But sometimes feel as empty as me.
When morning comes I must wake.
Then my dreams would slowly fade.
Dreams of you and me together
How I would love to sleep forever.
To hold on to my precious dreams.
And never let it slip through my hand
But as I try to wake dreams slowly fade.
Even as it slowly fades.
I know in my heart it would stay.
Just as the autumn leaves would lie on the ground.
And as it slowly returns when spring arrives.
Love forgotten in the passing of time.
Hurt and sadness scarred by time.
A dagger pierced straight at my heart.
Longing for someone to pull it apart.
Then you came and gave me a chance.
A chance to mend a broken heart.
Memories would stay right here with me.
And let it be part of the sky.
An endless sky with no boundaries.
Filled by my unforgotten memories.

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