Heart Never Mend

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I have cried so many tears
and faced so many fears
all my feelings I have burned
its the way I have learned
to cope with what Ive been through
except no-one knew
Im trying to pick myself up
but Im stuck
my heart bruised and broken
my words go unspoken
a frown comes to my face
and a tear takes place
my heart is crying in a smile
this has been happening for a while
how can I take back the pain
when nothing is quite the same
I love you with all my heart
till the very end
even though my heart will never mend

2 thoughts on “Heart Never Mend”

  1. Caroline I just got one word to say … HEARTWARMING … could you believe if I say… I had tears in my tears after reading these true words…because am going through this phase… as I was reading through the lines only one face was running across my mind and heart… my love…my only love … Thanks a lot for sharing it!

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