Battle for pain

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Darkness reigns, and all supreme force,
with the obsidian sand to the west,
and the crippling bear-storms to the east,
the will o’ the wisp Guardians of The Cave to the south,
and the Mass of power only known as, The Brink resigns,
but to this very day, a Lone empty looking figure roams,
with black, soul-less eyes.
Checking all is miserable, it’s life a battle for pain and suicide.
It shall die, only to be awoken, when The Golden one is gone.
With it’s forces, the NameLess figure takes over all.
Only years later it falls, the pain has won,
I seek escape from my own mind as I lie on the cold stone of the morgue,
at last, I am free from Depression.

3 thoughts on “Battle for pain”

  1. ones mind can be cunning and so crual at times i wish to escape from my mind that sometimes makes me sceard, confused and at times makes me feel crazy

  2. Nobody is free from depression today.. problems are common for all.. but how we are going to welcome it… with a smile on our face or with a sheer fear? with this I remember one famous quote … life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain … but I need to say it’s well written.

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