Last Chance

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Deeper each day and more above
As days went by and I remembered
For ever and ever your love is so tender
But I guess the day just had to come
The day you and I would be done
I don’t understand why this is
But it was your choice for this
See you ended it and not me
I guess that is why I don’t see
And now you want your separate way
I’ve been dreading all along for this day
I feel like maybe you have found another one
Somebody else that can say they have won
If this is true then let it be
But let you know he will never be me
This is you because forever is way too long
But I don’t think one month sums up the song
And for you it did it wrapped it up
I guess true love does not come in a cup
So have fun with what you do
And know that your “one” got away from you
The fun we had will never be loss
In good and bad times and through a cross
So go have fun live your life and forget
And please never say you regret
Because here is your last chance your final shot
But your “forever” already came last month
Im sorry for putting you through this pain
It was not intentional and hard to sustain
Just know that I will always love you
Will you please love me too?

3 thoughts on “Last Chance”

  1. i think that u write reali good poems and that u have a real talent for it so dnt stop !!

    and ur name is KOOL


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